Single Mode 20KM, 100Mbps SFP fiber transceiver (-40 to 75 C)


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The MFB family consists of Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver modules that are specifically designed for high performance integrated duplex data link over single mode optical fiber. These transceiver modules are compliant with the SFP Multisource Agreement (MSA) and hot pluggable. These modules offer an easy way to be installed in SFP MSA compliant ports at any time without the interruption of the host equipment operation. 

The MFB SFP transceivers using a long wavelength (1310nm) FP LD enable data transmission up to 2km on a multimode optical fiber and up to 60km on a single mode optical fiber. 

To meet the increasing demand of Industrial Ethernet fiber solution, Planet has released the MFB-T 100Base-FX transceiver series that can operate reliably in electrically harsh, climatically demanding, and wide temperature range (-40℃ to 75℃) environment. The MFB-T 100Base-FX transceiver series provides easy and fast 100Base-FX connection for Planet wide temperature industrial equipment.
Ordering Information
MFB-TF20 SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) - 20km (-40~75℃)
MFB-TFX SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) -2km (-40~75℃)
MFB-TFA20 SFP-Port 100Base-BX (WDM, TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-20km (-40~75℃)
MFB-TFB20 SFP-Port 100Base-BX (WDM, TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-20km (-40~75℃)
MFB-TFA40 SFP-Port 100Base-BX (WDM, TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-40km (-40~75℃)
MFB-TFB40 SFP-Port 100Base-BX (WDM, TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-40km (-40~75℃)
MFB-FX SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) -2km
MFB-F20 SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) - 20km
MFB-F40 SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) - 40KM
MFB-F60 SFP-Port 100Base-FX Transceiver (1310nm) - 60KM
MFB-FA20 SFP-Port 100Base-BX Transceiver (WDM,TX:1310nm) -20km
MFB-FB20 SFP-Port 100Base-BX Transceiver (WDM,TX:1550nm) -20km